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Welcome To
Acupressure Online

Welcome To Acupressure online

Welcome To Acupressure Online

AAROGYA MANDIR ( A Complete house for training treatment and research in alternative medicine)Affiliated & Associated

with IIAM( Indian Institute of Alternative medicine)Indian Academy of Acupressure ScienceDEVELOPMENT OF

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES ALL OVER WORLD &Indian Foundation of Alternative Medicines & Research, Jodhpur

(Rajasthan)Member and Award Winner from UNESCO, W.H.O, & United Nationa. (USO/RN95199/93Registered by the

Government of Rajasthan Under act 1958 (Reg. No. 162/Ju/96)Based on the Central Government of India Act. XXI of 1860ISO9001 : 2015 certified by INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION & INSPECTION UK LTD. (No. ICIIND/1889/XVIII)

Health Care Products



Magnetic Copper Jug ₹685.00

Super Power Magnet ₹750.00

Orthopaedic Heating Pad J-10 (United Medicare) ₹945.00

Healtho Tera ₹6,000

Magnetic CERVICAL BELT (57)

Passion Power Up Electronic Pump for Men 3,500.00

Magnetic back & bally belt

Panchratna Oil (Joint Pain) 1 litter

Moringa ₹175.00

Pileof ₹175.00

Uric Rakshak ₹360.00

ELLA Breast Enlargement Cream ₹349.00

Panch Tulsi ₹150.00

IMMUNO MAX ₹225.00

Triphala Capsule ₹140.00

Vitocare ₹450.00